Coatal Have N. Myrtle Beach and Mountain Haven Gatlinburg 

FEES: Checkout is at 10am unless otherwise authorized. An unauthorized late checkout will result in an additional charge of $750/hour beyond 10am. If you have not vacated the home three hours after 10am and are not authorized to be there, you will be responsible for paying an extra night on your booking plus the fee of cancelling the next guest’s entire reservation. This does not constitute an additional night of reservation.

QUIET TIME STARTING AT 11PM: The home is in a quiet neighborhood, Please be respectful of the neighbors. 

AGE: You must be 25 years of age or older to book. Someone 25+ must be staying in the house during your reservation. We do make exceptions to this policy. i.e.. 12 eighteen year olds for spring break=no, a young family vacation=yes.

OCCUPANCY LIMIT: Our home has a MAXIMUM occupancy of 12 persons for Coastal Haven & 14 persons for Mountain Haven. A violation of this could result in the immediate removal of all guests without a refund.  If you are planning on having more guests, please just ask as we can make exceptions!

PETS: We love pets but we do not allow pets at our vacation rental. Sorry!

SMOKING POLICY: No smoking inside the house! If you want to smoke outside on the patio/deck, we ask that you dispose of your cigarette butts properly—put water on them, put them in a bottle with lid and throw them in the trash can beside the grill. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts inside the house. We take this very seriously. There is a $5,500.00 fee plus paying for the next guests entire reservation that would have to be cancelled if there is evidence of smoking in the house.

POOL/HOT TUB: No glass in or around the pool. Yes, to Cannonballs but No to Diving! Our pool is only 5 to 6 feet deep and your safety is our priority. Children must be accompanied or supervised by an adult. Have fun and swim at day and night!  Note: Mountain Haven does not have a Pool just yet but planning for one in the future! 

NO PARTIES/ONLY REGISTERED GUESTS/QUIET HOURS: Absolutely no parties. Registered guests only (e.g. if you book for 8 people then you shouldn’t have 9).

NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE BEDROOMS: Stains can be timely and costly to remove; we ask that you refrain from eating/drinking in the bedrooms to prevent accidental stains/spills/etc. Water is okay but red wine is not.

FAKE TAN: We get it, you want to be tan at the beach! If you use a fake tanning product, please bring your own sheets. These products stain our very expensive, luxury sheets and will incur additional costs to try and remove or replace the sheets.

GOLF CART: As Applicable To Coastal Haven Only: You must have a valid driver’s license to operate the golf cart and sign waiver/send pic of your driver’s license to use the golf cart. It can only be used on roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less. It will be the responsibility of the guest to pay for any damage/theft to the golf cart. While operating the golf cart, you must obey local laws/regulations. You cannot operate golf carts at night on state-maintained roads. The Golf cart needs to stay locked with provided lock when not in use to avoid theft.